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Saving You Time & Money – And the Environment, Too!

We at Minor Wreck Express take great pride in not only saving YOU time and money, but in saving the environment in our own unique way.

“What?!” You may ask, “Minor Wreck is GREEN? But HOW?” Oh, let us count the ways…

  1. Minor Wreck saves literally THOUSANDS of parts from ending up in landfills. Bumpers, hoods, quarter panels – we can repair almost all of it instead of throwing it out. THAT is our biggest contribution to the well-being of Mother Earth.
  2. That loose headlight? You don’t need to get a whole new light. With our fantastic plastic-weld techniques, Minor Wreck can re-mount your composite headlight instead of replacing it, saving that light from the dump and saving YOU money.
  3. We not only recycle all of our thinner and reducer waste, we use it more than once, producing less waste than traditional body shops. How you like THEM apples?
  4. All of our sprayers are “high volume-low pressure.” What does that mean, you may ask? That means that more of the paint gets on your CAR and less winds up in the air/on the pavement/in the environment. And when we say “more paint on your car” we’re not joking – our sprayers get 70% of the spray where we direct it, as opposed to the usual 20%. Yeah, buddy.
  5. Going back to #1, where we keep thousands of parts out of the landfills: We have the talent and training to repair and redye your car’s INTERIOR. We’re talking about dashboards, seats, floor mats, ceilings. If it’s in your car, odds are we can make it look like new!

These are just the most current and most obvious ways we’re protecting the environment. But you can be sure that Minor Wreck Express cares about our environment and uses GREEN practices – without sacrificing price and quality.