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Prevention NOW Could Save you $$$ LATER!

Crazy winter drivers who behave like they’ve never seen snow before aren’t the only dangers your poor car faces each time the season changes. That wonderful stuff we’ll affectionately call “brine” that the city puts on the roads BEFORE the snow comes turns into a Brillo Pad for your car with the slightest meltage! (Yes, we DID just make up that word.)

This liquid concoction may be effective and wonderful when it comes to keeping the snow and ice from sticking to the road – and causing YOU to slip-slide away – but when mixed with enough melting snow, it splashes up and COVERS your car. That white film on your quarter panels, bumpers and wheel wells? Mostly comprised of Sodium Chloride (uh, SALT) this will eat into your paint finish.


If, by chance, you already have some scratches or dings that have compromised the protective barrier your paint and clear coat provides…well, that could pose a much bigger and much more expensive problem: Rust.

Melted rock salt, liquid magnesium chloride and brine mixtures can be very harsh to your car’s finish when it’s in good condition, so can you imagine how much worse it is when you have scratches in your paint? Imagine thousands of little Pacman heads chomping away at your car’s finish and opening the rust gateway! Once you have rust damage on your car, it’s difficult and COSTLY to repair.

Minor Wreck Express loves cars even more than we love fixing auto body damage. That’s why we strongly urge you to get those seemingly insignificant paint chips and little paint scratches corrected properly before the wicked winter driving conditions set in. We can do most auto body repairs – ranging from bumper dents and paint chips to plastic door damage and quarter panel crunches – in half the time and at half the cost of traditional body shops!

Spending a little bit of cash NOW can keep a lot MORE money in your pocket down the road. Stop by Minor Wreck Express today for a FREE repair quote and get while the gettin’s still GOOD!