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It’s Okay to Love Your Car – No, Really!

Before the jokes start flying about the guy who has a “personal relationship” with his car (there are no excuses – that’s just wrong) let’s explore the reasons people have an emotional attachment to their cars – and why that’s okay.

  • First and easiest to recognize is that your car can’t reject you. Fender benders, door dings, leaving it out in the cold – that relationship is solid until YOU call it quits.
    Taking car of your car and making it look good provides a pride of ownership and possession that you don’t get in a person-to-person relationship.
  • When some other guy whistles at and appreciates how beautiful your car is, you don’t get jealous – you feel HONOR and a sense of social acceptance, which is something we all crave.
    Human relationships require a lot of attention and work. Cars are relatively low maintenance. You get a large sense of acceptance and satisfaction from very little time and hard work. Who doesn’t love that?
  • Instant gratification. You hand-wash your car, lovingly rub protective wax into the finish and replace the oil and filters periodically and your car purrs with pleasure. You don’t get mood swings or sport distraction from your car. When you want to show it off, it’s THERE.

We could go on and on about how your car will never tell your secrets or laugh at your poor chair-dancing skills or tell you that you sing off-key. We aren’t saying that cars are better than people – we all need and crave human contact. We’re just saying it’s okay to be attached to your car. It’s okay to give it a name and to brag about it to your friends and to bling it out with sweet rims and seat covers.

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If you keep your car looking and feeling good, it WILL love you back. And that’s not weird.