Minor Wreck Express Works on All Makes and Models

Accident Repair

Minor Wreck Express is your solution to prompt, economical accident and collision repairs!

Have you ever found yourself driving around in a damaged car because you’ve had a minor fender bender and the damages were less than your insurance deductible or the damage was just over the deductible? Do you fear that turning in an insurance claim may increase your monthly premiums?

Auto Body Shop Problem

You’ve had a minor accident and the body shop estimate is for $745.62. You have a $500 insurance deductible. You’re worried that if you turn in a claim for $245.62, you monthly insurance premiums will be increased.


Call Minor Wreck Express! There is no need to turn in an insurance claim when in most cases Minor Wreck Express repair prices can be up to 30 percent less expensive than a traditional body shop.

Auto Repair Time Delay Problem

You’ve had a minor accident and you want to get your car fixed, but the repair shop says your car will be in the shop for 3-5 days for repairs. You can’t be without your car for that long and you can’t afford a rental.


Call Minor Wreck Express! There is no need to leave your car in the repair shop for days on end. Minor Wreck Express repairs take much less time than traditional body shop repairs and in many cases our repairs are can be completed with next day service.

Minor Wreck Express is committed to being the industry’s most recognized brand for express automotive accident and minor collision repair. We understand the only way to keep insurance premiums in check is to have fewer claims. Let our team of trained, certified professionals take the hassles out of having your automotive damage fixed.

What are you waiting for? Call Minor Wreck Express today!